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AVR Emulator of IC AY-8910

You may download ASM sources of the emulator, and sources of the version 20.0 for Algorithm Builder. Starting from version 22 emulator sources will always be included in archive.


Current emulator versions: 26.0 is a final version!

Current AVR-AY Player version: 13.7 (support file formats .AY, .PT1, .PT2, .PT3, .STC, .STP, .ASC, .PSC, .SQT, .GTR, .PSM, .FTC, .FLS, .FXM)


Emulator sound example v24.7


Emulator sound example v24.2


On this page you can find an emulator of IC AY-3-8910 (AY-8910, AY-3-8912, YM2149F, etc.). This emulator is based on AVR Atmega8 IC.


This emulator is based on sources of Ramiros written in Algoritm Builder.

Firmware emulates AY chip with 1.75MHz and 2MHz oscillator, depends on EEPROM config.

How’s it work?



Emulator is based on PWM.

Atmega8 has 2 16-bit PWM and  1 8-bit PWM. Two channel version using  2 16-bit PWM. Three channel using all 3 PWM channels. Thus, it was possible to write 3 channel version on Atmega8.

You can download firmware for Atmega8 and AVR AY-Player in DOWNLOADS section.

You can read some information and documentation in INFORMATION section.