STC File Format (Sound Tracker)

Full Sound Tracker ZX-Spectrum compilled module description

Updated 07.12.2015

STC format of Sound Tracker for ZX-Spectrum is simple according with other tracker formats.


STC file structure:

Offset Size  Name               Description
+0     1     Delay              Global delay in interrupts
+1     2     Positions Pointer  
+3     2     Ornaments Pointer  
+5     2     Patterns Pointer   
+7     18    Identifier         'SONG BY ST COMPILE' or anything else
+25    2     Size               Full length in bytes (may be incorrect)
+27    99*X  Samples Pointer    Samples, 99 bytes per sample
                                the first byte is sample number
                                may be in wrong order, so you must check
                                sample numbers of each sample to find correct,
                                X = 1-16
+27+99*X     Data               Other data

Sample format

Samle length is 99 bytes (32 positions)

 Off Size Name          Description
 +0  1    Sample Number
 +1  32*3 Data          samples data (3 bytes per each)
         - byte 0 - bits 0-3 volume,
                    bits 7-4 for low bits of high byte of pitch
         - byte 1 - 
                  - bit 7 noise mask (0 - enabled, 1 - disabled)
                  - bit 6 tone mask (0 - enabled, 1 - disabled)
                  - bit 5 +- determines the direction of pitch shift
                         (1 +, 0 -)
                  - bits 0-4 noise value
         - byte 2 - pitch (low byte)
 +97 1    Repeat Position - sample & ornament repeat position
                     (if equal to 0, the channel is disabled at the end of sample)
 +98 1    Repeat Length - the length of repeat

PS: if Repeat Length is higher then sample positions left then position starts from zero

Ornament format

Full ornament length is 33 bytes (32 positions changed together with sample)

 Off  Size   Name            Description
 +0   1      Ornament Number 
 +1   32byte Data            each byte is value of 12 half tones (1 octave) signed!


Pattern Format (for each channel)

Values in pattern
 0x00-0x5f - note number after receive should finish position
 0x60-0x6f - sample number -0x60
             there are no zero sample             
 0x70-0x7f - ornament number -0x70
             disable envelope
             if zero value - disable ornament
 0x80      - command R (pause) (disable channel and finish position)
 0x81      - empty note (do nothing but finish position)
 0x82      - disable envelope and ornament
 0x83-0x8e - envelope value -0x80 (3 - 14)
             (next byte is low byte of envelope period)
             also disable ornament
 0x8f-0xa0 - impssible values in pattern
             (for future developement)
 0xa1-0xfe - delay between notes in channel (in interrupts) - 0xa1
 0xff      - end of pattern


Patterns table format

 Each pattern record is 7 bytes

 Off Size Name         Description
 +0  1    Number       Pattern number
 +1  2    Address Ch A Pattern of channel A offset
 +3  2    Address Ch B Pattern of channel B offset
 +5  2    Address Ch C Pattern of channel C offset

Positions table format

 Off  Size     Name      Description
 +0   1        Count     Number of positions in table
 +1   Count*2  Positions Positions data
 Each position record is 2 bytes

 Off Size Name           Description
 +0  1    Transposition  Global Tone offset for pattern
 +1  1    PatternNum     Pattarn Number for this position


Note frequency table

 static ushort[] ST_Table = { 
    0xef8, 0xe10, 0xd60, 0xc80, 0xbd8, 0xb28, 0xa88, 0x9f0, 0x960, 0x8e0,
    0x858, 0x7e0, 0x77c, 0x708, 0x6b0, 0x640, 0x5ec, 0x594, 0x544, 0x4f8,
    0x4b0, 0x470, 0x42c, 0x3f0, 0x3be, 0x384, 0x358, 0x320, 0x2f6, 0x2ca,
    0x2a2, 0x27c, 0x258, 0x238, 0x216, 0x1f8, 0x1df, 0x1c2, 0x1ac, 0x190,
    0x17b, 0x165, 0x151, 0x13e, 0x12c, 0x11c, 0x10b, 0x0fc, 0x0ef, 0x0e1,
    0x0d6, 0x0c8, 0x0bd, 0x0b2, 0x0a8, 0x09f, 0x096, 0x08e, 0x085, 0x07e,
    0x077, 0x070, 0x06b, 0x064, 0x05e, 0x059, 0x054, 0x04f, 0x04b, 0x047,
    0x042, 0x03f, 0x03b, 0x038, 0x035, 0x032, 0x02f, 0x02c, 0x02a, 0x027,
    0x025, 0x023, 0x021, 0x01f, 0x01d, 0x01c, 0x01a, 0x019, 0x017, 0x016,
    0x015, 0x013, 0x012, 0x011, 0x010, 0x00f


Format features

Number of octaves: 8

Number of positions: 1-256

Number of patterns: 1-32

Number of positions in pattern: 1-64

Number of samples: 16

Number of ornaments: 16


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